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Dancing Man Press was conceived by John F. Rauchert to act as a publication focal point for several projects by his family and friends.

In early 1995, John put together a book of James Boyd poems called "Loup de Loup", this had a small print run distributed to friends and family.

Since that time John has greatly desired to put together a similar publication, this time with a group of poems written by the late Ruth Rauchert over a 25 year period.


Upcoming Publications

Within the next couple of years we hope to have available in both print and electronic format:

Kitchen Poetry: The Alberta Years, 1968-1993 by Ruth Rauchert, edited with commentary by John F. Rauchert [ISBN 0-9732805-0-6]

"Kitchen Poetry" arises from the same rural storytelling traditions as "Cowboy Poetry".

Infused with the same blend of humour and poignancy, Kitchen Poetry derives from the voice of Western Women and their daily lives and struggles, written while the "men folk" were in the fields and pastures.

Perhaps the highest examples of achievement in this realm are the works of Emily Dickinson and Edwidge Danticat , both of whom have been described as "Poets of the Kitchen."

Current Projects

Quinn's Game : A Science Fiction Roleplaying game
Infinite Shades of Gray : Game Aids developed by James Boyd
East of Irath : A Fantasy Roleplaying setting by John F. Rauchert
Loup de Loup, second printing : A book of poems by James Boyd
Unbalanced Eye : A book of poems by James Boyd


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