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Produced: Wed 27 Apr 1994

The DQ Newsletter is for discussions of the DragonQuest role playing game. 
The key addresses you need to know are:

  psproefr@miamiu.acs.muohio.edu      (Article Submissions, Editor, etc. )
  dnadler@wtcpost.daytonoh.ncr.com     ( Mailing List Maintenance, Back 
Issues )

All articles are copyrighted property of their respective authors. 
Reproducing or republishing an article, in whole or in part, in any other 
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                           C O N T E N T S

    Administrivia ---  Dave Nadler
    Letter FROM the Editor --- Phil Proefrock
          -- Kelly Grant     "Re: Weapons Rule Variant"
          -- Joe Gregg       "More about republishing DragonQuest"
          -- Daniel Allbutt and
             Andrew Carter   "A DragonQuest Magazine"

"Administrivia" ---  Dave Nadler

Phil (a.k.a. "Ed") has outdone himself this time.  In an effort to make up 
for the "Missing March Edition", Phil has produced an April edition of 
considerable size.  I'm breaking up the April edition into a couple of 
"printings" so no one's e-mail capabilities are overloaded.  You should be 
receiving over the next week issues v1n2 (this one), v1n3, and v1n4 which 
will make up the entirety of the April publication.  Confusing?  Yes.  So 
why am I doing this?  Other mailing list administrators have advised keeping 
a mailing to around 15K in size.

Dave Nadler (a.k.a "Ad" the Administrator)

"Letter FROM the Editor" --- Phil Proefrock

  We are continuing to get subscription requests, so the momentum is 
building.  Hopefully those of you who have been in touch with this since it 
first was begun haven't completely burned out on the idea since it has been 
coming a little slowly, so far.  That was, hopefully, just a one time thing. 
 For those of you who don't know, I am a graduate student in architecture 
(my secret identity) and I had the opportunity to go to Luxembourg over my 
spring break to participate in a project being sponsored by the government 
of a community in Luxembourg as part of my studio.  Preparations for this, 
plus being out of the country for more than two weeks, all helped to keep 
the March issue from happening in a timely manner, so it has become the 
April issue.  My apologies to those of you who eagerly check your email to 
see if any new DQ material has arrived.  I know I said I'd try to do this 
monthly, but circumstances will sometimes interfere.

  I've also had some inquiries about using the material we are distributing 
in this Newsletter in other publications (club news-letters, etc.). 
 Although the copyright of the individual authors should be respected, I 
would imagine most of the authors will gladly welcome a chance to have their 
work distributed to a wider audience.  If you want to reprint an article, I 
recommend that you contact the author through the 'Net.  I will start 
including the author's email address at the end of their articles for easier 
reference, although they are also included in the header.  David Nadler is 
our resident expert on Internet protocols and precedents, so I'll ask him to 
add any other points he feels may be relevant.  We also would not mind 
having a reference to the DQ Newsletter made in your reprint of any article 
distributed here.  The more people who know about what we're up to here, the 

[I'm in strong agreement with Phil's recommendation to get permission from 
an author BEFORE publishing any submission or letter or anything from this 
newsletter.  Commercial or potentially commercial ideas are being discussed 
here, and we need to respect the rights of the authors - Ad]

  Likewise, if there are non-'Net-connected DQ players who want to 
participate by sending hardcopy of their material, I will gladly consider it 
for the newsletter (and I'll type it in myself to get it in to the 
newsletter, if need be).  I am also willing to receive DQ related material 
for review in future issues.  My s-mail address is:

  Philip Proefrock
  625 McGuffey #291
  OH 45056 USA

  (I will also add as a parenthetical note that anyone who playtests any of 
my rules or variants and sends me some useful feedback, I will add you to 
the playtesters acknowledgements, should that supplement ever get 

>From Kelly Grant:  "Re: Weapons Rule Variant"

[Some other material edited]

Secondly, I'd like to reply to an article. Can there be a letters page 
included in the newsletter? I don't mind if people want to respond to my 
letter via email.

[And here it is.  I think that feedback and discussion are going to be the 
lifeblood of this newsletter, so please, do write.  I certainly welcome the 
feedback, and I'm sure the other authors are also interested in how their 
ideas are received as well.  --Ed.]

Thirdly, Weapons Rule Variant. Does the Modifier apply to the percentile 
chance to hit with the weapon or the damage the weapon does? +3 to the 
damage seems an enormous bonus, if it is the case, given that weaponsmiths 
take years of time to make weapons that give an equivalent bonus. More 
details please.  I quite like the idea of wearing in a favourite weapon, or 
pickin up a complete dud.


[That's exactly what I had in mind with this variant.  I've had a lot of 
success with this in my campaigns, and some characters who have developed a 
real affinity for certain 'favorite' weapons.
   But I obviously goofed in not making it completely clear that these are 
modifiers to Strike Chance.  (Not to damage or IV or anything else). Sorry 
it was unclear. -- Ed.]

>From Joe Gregg:  "More about republishing DragonQuest"

     WotC is a startup company that hit it big with one product, the "Magic" 
card game that's just come out in the last year or so.  Each player has a 
deck that they have thrown together from card sets they purchased or won 
from other players.  Cards are for mana sources, spells, or monsters that 
can be summoned.
     Play consists of draws from your shuffled deck, and plays from your 
hand.  Careful attention must be paid to having mana sources available to 
power your spells (you can even tap the other player's sources).  There's 
quite a bit of thinking that can go into it.  But a lot isn't required.
     That's probably more than you wanted to know.  Let's just say that WotC 
cleared over a million bucks with this product expects to do a lot better 
this year.
     We do have "The Shattered Statue" module.  We found it somewhat 
distasteful that third edition DQ bowdlerized the original, and likewise 
that the Rune and Shaping magics were less than wonderful.  We set about 
correcting what we didn't like, as everyone wants to do.
     We came up with four branches of four colleges each.  That way there 
was a branch in opposition to some other branch.  It also made sense to set 
some colleges in minor opposition to each other.  Finally, we put shaping 
and summoning into "greater knowledge" available to every college.  Hmm, 
sounds weird.  Here are the details.

           Illusions--- THAUMATURGIES ---Mind
        Earth                 .              Starlight
          |                   .                  |
Fire-- ELEMENTAL --Water . . . . . . Lunar-- CELESTIAL --Sun
          |                   .                  |
         Air                  .              Stardark
                 Shadow--- ENTITIES ---Rune

     Once a mage has mastered his/her college, then one of the two paths of 
Greater Knowledge are open to him/her.  Mastery occurs at some reasonable 
level - we have selected Rank 10 in all General Knowledge and Rank 6 in all 
Special Knowledge.  As an aside, we allow research at a slightly lesser 
level of mastery.  Greater Knowledge is exclusively either Shaping or 
Summoning.  We allow the given spells and rituals for Shaping and either the 
old Greater or the new Lesser Summoning, given in the various TSR materials.
     Our reasons for doing this are from our analysis of what a viable 
society would have produced.  If only Shapers can make investment 
receptacles, then they are either enormously in demand or are hunted and 
enslaved.  Given the time requirements listed in "The Shattered Statue", a 
human Shaper would learn the college by age 16, gain Ranks and new magic 
over a decade, and die of old age and Endurance loss by the time one major 
artifact could be produced!
     Similar reasoning applied to Summoners.  We found limits that were 
logical in allowing summoning based upon one's original college (animals 
associated with your bent, etc.), up to the demon-summoning of self-deluding 
fools.  To be more specific would be to use up a lot of net bandwidth.

     Okay, I hope that has whetted your appetite as well as satisfied some 
of your curiosity.


>From Andrew Carter:  "A DragonQuest Magazine"

Greetings from Australia!
  Enclosed are contributions that the GM's of our group wish to make to this 
newsletter.  [Those will be appearing in a forthcoming issue.  --Ed.]  I 
only just recently joined, with my character "Wittya" - an Illusionist mage. 
Luckily I have access to Internet from Uni so I was able to find out about 
this newsletter.
  I had been putting up notices about DQ on Role Playing BBS's in Sydney but 
with no result. Anyway, as you will read below, the players in our group are 
happy about this newsletter (GM's especially!). I hope it continues.
                                Daniel Allbutt.

Here is Andrew Carter's contribution:
  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

Hi Phil, Dave and fellow DQ Players.
  I received your February Newsletter last night from one of our group who 
has access to the internet. I couldn't disbeleive it! (I checked as Wittya 
is an Illusionist). Nope! It's still here. I am still recovering from 
reading it!  There ARE more of us around. I knew there was, I just didn't 
know how to contact others. What a brilliant idea this newsletter is. Let me 
support you all the way.
  Our group has played DQ ever since we obtained First Edition in, I think, 
late 1980. Most of our group has been together some 15 years. The majority 
of time was spent playing DQ. We played ADD for about a year or so until 
this new game called DragonQuest came along. That ended our ADD days. After 
playing DQ for so many years, through three editions, we decided to switch 
to Rolemaster. Having no new feedback and always having to convert modules, 
source material, etc, took its toll on our GM's - including me. We always 
played weekly, so there was a lot of work for our GM's. We still play 
Rolemaster weekly, however a few of us couldn't give DQ up! We actually went 
for nine months without playing it! Some of us in the group (including 
myself) now play DQ every second week along with the weekly now-Rolemaster 
original group. We also quite often have the ex-DQ players of our group 
"drop in". With input from your newsletter we could start weekly gaming 
again with DQ. 2 NIGHTS A WEEK! My wife will kill me! AAH! But it will be 
worth it. Our new group is "DQ - The next generation" as new players have 
now joined! I will certainly spread the word of your newsletter here in 

  I would also like to get your thoughts on production of a DQ Module 
Magazine similar in setup to TSR's Dungeon Magazine but only catering for DQ 
modules. This has been a personal frustration to me - always having to 
convert modules. I don't always have the time or the imagination to 
constantly create  my own. This Magazine of mine would cater only for 
modules and closely related material. I would in no way want to compete with 
this newsletter. I'm behind it 200%!! As I said before it would be similar 
in concept to TSR's Dungeon Magazine, but exclusively DQ. Phil, Dave, Joe 
Gregg and anybody else - What are your thoughts? Would any of you buy it if 
it were cheap enough and good enough? Would any of you send me original DQ 
dungeons? If so, SEND THEM NOW. Is this type of magazine any use? Could it 
compliment this newsletter? If arrangements could by made would anybody 
sell, on a commission basis, copies at Conventions, especially GEN CON? 
These are just some of the thoughts going around in
my head at the moment. The concept has been in my mind for the last two 
years. The first issue could be ready as easily as late June. Maybe even 

  My final consideration of course is copyright. I want to produce the first 
edition stating clearly this is _not_approved_ by TSR and TSR owns 
"DragonQuest DQ" and TSR is in no way linked to me. I will also send TSR a 
copy of all the published issue. I hope by doing this they will not 'close 
me down' if the concept works.

  I am also a bit concerned about my idea's impact on Joe Gregg's 
discussions with TSR regarding the purchase of the DQ Rules. I want in no 
way to jeapordize this. Joe, I have written you a message on here. If you 
have any concerns please contact me and let me know. I would love to see any 
revival if DQ  this newsletter and my mag could be part of it.  Would 
anybody please send any thoughts or comments. I don't care if they are 
positive or negative - I'm open to both. Above all, if you like the concept, 
send me original DQ modules or concepts. Please include an international 
postage coupon if you want a reply. I hope to receive maximum submissions 
and to constantly pay postage would be a burden. I'm sorry to ask this but I 
only have one wage to split between a Wife and five children (YES five - got 
to do something other than work  DQ! :) I will try to pay as much as I can 
for published modules if the mag gets off the ground. So send ideas to me! 
  Long live DragonQuest and this Newsletter!

  signed ANDON THE GREAT (Arch Ensorcelor and Enchanter)

  BTW:  I sometime live in a fantasy world called Earth under a character 

 POSTAL ADDRESS: Andrew D. Carter
   27 Fuller Street
   Mount Druitt
   New South Wales  2770

write c/o: dallbutt@st.nepean.uws.edu.au
     (please mention at start of letter that the message is for Andrew)

###   End of DragonQuest Newsletter -- April 1994 (part 1 of 3)