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 Letters  -- Bruce Lee-Shanok

 Column: The BEASTIARY

 Magical Plants, Part I -- Philip Proefrock
 Warrior Skill -- Mike Shepperd



Those of you who follow the rec.games.frp.misc newsgroup have seen a recent 
series of postings about DragonQuest in the past couple of weeks.  It is 
great to see that discussion of DragonQuest still takes place, and the 
curiosity of other people reading the newsgroup is piqued as well.  (For 
those of you who don't have access, or who haven't seen all of the DQ 
postings, a compiled file of the recent discussion is being posted to the 
ftp site.)  And, at the same time, we have seen an upswing in subscription 
requests for the Newsletter.
For those of you who are keeping score, we are now up to somewhere over 60 

The interest of the subscribers is certainly there, but we are not getting a 
lot of new material for the newsletter.  So I continue to ask you to send us 
your letters, house rules, adventure ideas, new material, character ideas, 
magical items, additional creatures, and other DragonQuest related things 
for the Newsletter.  There are no formatting or content requirements for 
submissions.  We will take care of getting it to fit.  Share your ideas with 
the rest of us!


[I wrote to the editors of a proposed RPG electronic magazine to inquire 
about their project and to see if they were interested in cross-posting some 
of our material.  Here is the reply I got, along with my inquiry note. 
>  I am interested in your proposal for a Role-Playing Games
>electronic magazine.  Currently, I am the editor of a 'Net
>Newsletter for the DragonQuest game.  We might be interested in
>cross-posting some of our articles to your magazine.
>  Please send me any information you currently have, and keep us
>posted as this develops.  I will post a notice in a forthcoming
>newsletter and we'll see if our contributors are interested in
>sending their articles to you as well.

  Yes, I am interested in cross posting. I've received numerous similar 
offers, I assume you are also interested in articles from our potential 
authors? :). If so, I was wondering if I could get some more information on 
your newsletter?

  If you need to know about REM, it's run by myself and an Adam Nevraumont 
of the local area, we're compiling our first issue, and it will definetly be 
coming out, but due to the nature of the project (or some other big fancy 
phrase to that extent) we want to make sure this issue is great. Therefore, 
we'll probably be releasing it around the end of august at the very 

  If you decide to reply to this, keep in mind that Adam hasn't got his 
internet account yet, and I will be unable to reply for the next two weeks, 
but I will reply. :)

 -- Bruce Lee-Shanok  (aw001@freenet.carleton.ca)


 -------------------_The_ _B_E_A_S_T_I_A_R_Y_---------------------

Spider Monkey
 -- by Philip Proefrock(psproefr@miamiu.acs.muohio.edu)

Spider monkeys are 6-limbed monkeys with large fangs.  They are extremely 
clever and able.  Even locked food containers may not stop them (treat as 
Rank 3 Thief against locks up to Rank 5 construction).  Their coloration is 
usually brown or black, although there are also reds, greys, and rarely, 

Running: 300-400          Climbing: 200-300
PS: 9-12     MD: 20-25    AG: 18-22    MA: None
EN: 8-15     FT: 15-18    WP: 8-10     PC: 16-21
PB: 8-15     TMR: 6-8/4-6 NA: Fur absorbs 2 DP

Weapons:  Bite has BC 40% and -4 damage.  Claws are BC 25% and -6 damage. 
 Both may be ranked up to Rank 6.  They can also use small, undersized 
daggers which are BC 35% and -1 damage, and they may be up to Rank 7 with 

GM's Notes:  Spider monkeys and panther monkeys (see July 94 issue) may 
sometimes be found working together.  Especially clever packs may distract a 
group of travellers with a feint attack, while sending a couple of spiders 
in to steal food and trinkets from packs, bags and tents.
  Spider monkeys and panther monkeys are both warm climate creatures, and 
are primarially found in jungle environments.


 -- Philip Proefrock  (psproefr@miamiu.acs.muohio.edu)

The following are a couple of magical plants which I have used in my 
camaign.  The frequency with which they can be found will vary depending on 
the amount of magic present in your campaign world, but in any case they 
should be extremely rare.  High mana locations will be more favorable places 
for magical plants, but if the high mana location is known, it is likely 
that magical plants will have already been harvested.

  Bloodberries -- Bloodberries are the fruit of a small flowering plant 
which have useful healing properties.  The bloodberry plant looks like a 
small (up to 12") single stalk with many tiny white flowers (something like 
a snapdragon) which have blood red veins. The root of this plant is a soft, 
mushy mass with the appearance of coagulated blood.  This is the bloodberry. 
 Bloodberries ripen throughout the summer and can be found in all moderate 
climate zones.  They will last for up to 30 days after they are harvested, 
unless they are specially prepared (see below).
  One bloodberry will cure either D10 fatigue, D5 endurance, or all damage 
due to blood loss (this makes them especially valuable to vampire hunters 
and victims of "bleeder" grievous injuries).  An alchemist or herbalist can 
render two doses of bloodberry elixir from one bloodberry.  The cost for 
this is (600 - 40/Rank) silver pennies, and the elixir will last for (20 + 
Rank) months.  Each dose of elixir will heal D10 + (2 x Rank) fatigue, or D5 
+ Rank endurance damage, or all blood loss damage (similar to the unprepared 

  Iron Mushrooms -- Iron mushrooms are hefty 6" diameter rust colored 
mushrooms.  They tend to grow in caves near streams or ponds with a high 
iron content.  Once picked, they can last up to a year if kept dry, but if 
they get wet they will begin to rust and loose their effectiveness within 
just a couple of weeks.
  These objects provide a skin hardening effect causing a Natural Armor of 2 
points, but causes a slowing of -1 TMR and a loss of 5 points from Manual 
Dexterity and/or Agility (the player may allocate how the 5 points effect 
the character).  The effects of iron mushrooms last for 5 minutes.

 -- Philip Proefrock  (psproefr@miamiu.acs.muohio.edu)


 -- Mike Shepperd c/o (dallbutt@st.nepean.uws.edu.au)

The Warrior skill is designed for the specialised fighter character. A 
Warrior character is trained to be a successful fighter in ALL situations 
(hence the various weapons the warrior is required to be skilled in), 
knowing the subtleties of combat that a non-fighter will be unaware of.

A Warrior must have a Physical Strength and Manual Dexterity at least equal 
to the average physical strength and manual dexterity for that character's 
race (eg. for a human - 15).

In order to advance past rank 2, a Warrior must have rank in the following:
 - Unarmed combat
 - a sword or hafted weapon, other than a quarterstaff, that does at least 
D+2 damage.
 - A shield (other than a Main Gauche)
 - A close combat weapon
 - A missile weapon

The warrior must keep all of these weapons at a rank equal to or greater 
than half his rank with the warrior skill. (This applies only when the 
warrior advances past rank 2 in the Warrior skill.) In order to speacialise 
in a weapon (qv), the warrior must be at least rank 0 in all of these 
compulsory weapons.

The warrior may choose a weapon (which does not have to be one of the 
compulsory weapons listed above) in which to specialise. He receives certain 
bonuses when using his specialised weapon (qv). He may choose one weapon at 
rank 0, another at rank 5, and another at rank 10. After rank 10, he may NOT 
specialise in any more weapons. He may change a specialised weapon at the 
cost of 750 experience points for each rank he has with the NEW weapon, and 
1 week of practise for each rank he has with the NEW weapon (he then loses 
all bonuses for specialisation with the OLD weapon). Instead of a weapon, 
the warrior may choose to specialise in mounted combat, in which case he 
adds [1.5 x Rank]% (round up) to any horsemanship roll whilst in combat, 
and, for those actions which require a certain rank in horsemanship to be 
able to perform (see rule 87.2), the warrior acts as if he has Rank/5 (round 
UP) ranks more to his current horsemanship ability.

A Warrior cannot be a Mage or a Healer.  The GM may wish to rule that a 
Warrior may not be any of the following either:  Courtier, Troubador, 
Merchant, Mechanician, Astrologer, Alchemist.  The reasoning behind this is 
that these skills require a certain delicacy or intellectual skills that a 
rough soldier is unlikely to have (but the decision is ultimately up to the 

A Warrior adds [Rank]% to any strike chance ([2 x Rank]% for a specialised 

A Warrior adds +[Rank/4] (round down) to damage (+[Rank/3] (round down) for 
a specialised weapon).

A Warrior adds [Rank]% to the chance of scoring an endurance hit ([1.5 x 
Rank]% (round up) for a specialised weapon).

A Warrior adds [1/2 Rank]% to the chance of scoring a grievous injury 
([Rank]% for a specialised weapon).

A Warrior adds [Rank]% to his defence, and [2 x Rank]% when evading.

A Warrior adds his Rank to his Endurance when calculating the amount of 
damage needed to stun him, and he adds [1.5 x Rank]% (round up) to his 
chance of recovering from stun.

A Warrior adds [Rank]% to his chance of succeeding in the Willpower roll of 
rule 68.1 (when encountering creatures with a physical beauty less than 6). 
If he fails the Willpower roll, the GM subtracts the Warrior's Rank from the 
dice roll he makes for the Fright Table.

For any grievous injury caused by a Warrior, the Warrior's Rank is added to 
the dice roll for the Grievous Injury table.

A Warrior always adds his Manual Dexterity to the Strike Chance of using any 
weapon listed in the weapons chart, ie. he effectively can use all the 
weapons at rank 0 (but if he wishes to learn a weapon, he must still first 
learn it at rank 0). This does not apply to any new weapons introduced by 
the GM. (ie. it applies only to weapons listed in the weapons chart: not 
new, unknown, exotic weapons.)

When a Warrior takes the Military Scientist skill, he spends three-quarters 
of the required experience points cost to advance in the Military Scientist 
skill while his rank with the Warrior skill is greater than his rank as a 
Military Scientist. The reverse is NOT true.

0     1     2     3     4     5     6     7      8      9      10
800   350   1200  2650  4350  6500  8650  11100  12750  14500  17000

In addition to the 'Warrior Alternative' (see 'Dragon' Magazine June, 1984, 
page 24), a similar alternative should be introduced called the 
'Professional Alternative'. This is in all ways similar to the 'Warrior 
ALternative', but, instead of learning 3 weapons and 2 skills, the character 
may choose to learn 2 weapons 3 skills. The character choosing this 
alternative may learn one weapon at rank 2 and one at rank 1, and 1 skill at 
rank 2 and 2 skills at rank 1. The experience points restrictions are 
unchanged, except that no experience points need to be spent increasing a 
characteristic - all experience points may be spent on skills and weapons. 
Also, instead of 'saving' only 500 unused experience points, 1000 may be 

Making these changes opens the way for a new 'class' of character. In the 
past, all characters are basically mages or fighters, and skills have been 
learnt as extras. The 'Professional Alternative' encourages some characters 
to be second rate fighters and to specialise in skills.

NB: If a warrior is also an Assassin, any increases to damage or the chance 
of a grievous injury is NOT cumulative. That is, the player must choose to 
use the bonuses from either the Warrior skill or the Assassin skill 
(whichever is greatest, obviously) but not both.

 -- Mike Shepperd c/o  (dallbutt@st.nepean.uws.edu.au)


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