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C O N T E N T S  [v3/n9]

 Editorial: Moving, Part 2

 Letters  -- John Davis
          -- Brent Jackson

 'Heroes and Villains' Review -- Author


EDITORIAL: Moving, Part 2
[Another consequence of moving is setting up a new email address.  I know I 
just changed it, but I have now added a simpler (and DragonQuest related) 
alias to my account for DQN business.  The Newsletter editor address is now: 
dqn@ntsource.com -- ED]

In the last month or so I have received a couple more notes asking if I know 
of any DQ campaigns in such-and-such a place.  And, having myself moved over 
the summer (winter to those of you in the southern hemisphere), I too am 
looking for a group of local DQ players in my area.  We have had a couple of 
these requests published in the Newsletter in the past, but never had a real 
policy about this.

But since this Newsletter is trying to be a useful resource for DragonQuest 
players, it seems that a regular registry of players (and campaigns) looking 
for other DQ players would be useful.  To this end, we are starting a 
"Players Looking For..." section to the Advertisements which normally appear 
at the end of each Newsletter.  Whether or not this also gets picked up by 
one or more of the DQ websites remains to be seen, but the most current 
version will always be in the Newsletter.  We will also run a listing of 
open campaigns (where additional players are welcome) if there is enough 

Hereafter, any correspondence I receive about finding a campaign in your 
area will be taken as a request to be added to the list.  I will only post 
the person's name, location, and email address (other contact can be 
arranged via email).  Existing campaigns which are open to new players which 
would like to be listed should designate one person as contact, and I will 
list them in the same way.  Hopefully this will lead to a few people making 
contact with other DQ players.


Hi Phil,

  I have a chance to buy a Judges guild item for DQ titled 'Heroes and 
Villains'. Do you recall anything about it?  As I will be DM perhaps a 

 -- John Davis  (JRDA@WPO.NERC.AC.UK)

[This suggests a useful series for the Newsletter, reviews of all of the 
existing DQ supplement products that were produced.  Anyone interested in 
contributing a review of a DQ item (and I would really like to encourage 
other voices in writing these articles, so that I'm not doing it all) should 
probably contact me, but since we have such a small group, I don't think 
that there will be too much of a problem with someone else already working 
on it.  In response to John's question, I have written up some of my 
thoughts about the item in question for this issue.  -- ED.]

Re: Limited Precognition

In reply to Vincent Yanda, this is how I play Limited Precognition.  After 
the spell has been successfully cast, the player states a time in the 
future, up to the maximum time allowed.  For the next pulse the mage sees 
what they would be seeing through their own eyes at that time in the future. 
 I do not allow the player (or party) to say "If we ..." prior to casting. 
 Instead, I decide on the most likely path or actions that the party will 
take based on my knowledge of the party and the scenario, and give what I 
think is the most likely result.  (If I think they will be dead then I give 
total blackness, but differentiate it from sleeping).  Although they can see 
through their own eyes, they cannot move their heads to look around so they 
just get a five second glimpse of the future.  I do not then make the future 
fit the vision.  What was seen was the future, if they hadn't done the 
precognition.  Now that they have more information, their actions will be 
altered, and so probably will the future.

 -- Brent Jackson  (Brent_Jackson@advgroup.co.nz)

 -- Philip Proefrock  (dqn@ntsource.com)

'Heroes and Villians' (sic) is a DragonQuest supplement written by Edward 
Mortimer and produced by the Judges' Guild  (JG #900).  It is a 46 page book 
of pregenerated characters for DragonQuest.  As was the case with all Judges 
Guild productions, it suffers from low production values (cheap pulp paper, 
poor layout (the beginning paragraph(s) about the second character are 
missing), some really bad artwork, and even the title is misspelled!) all of 
which detract from the book.

There are some bits in character histories and descriptions that may become 
plot elements, but there isn't really a whole adventure in any of this. 
 Some of the characters are key to the 'Frontiers of Alusia' map (one of 
SPI's DQ supplements), but this adds virtually nothing.

Beyond being just a set of NPCs, there are also a couple of small adventures 
hinted at in this supplement.  There are several groups of affiliated 
characters, including a cavalry patrol, a pair of vampire hunters (as well 
as their prey), and a naval artillery crew.  A tavern is also detailed 
(including floor plans, plus description of the inkeeper and his family).

All told, 'Heroes and Villains' may be useful if creating NPCs is difficult 
for you, or if you want to have some other character ideas in your campaign. 
 I've always been down on NPC books, and this doesn't do much to rise above 
the norm.  Otherwise, it's something of more value to collectors than GMs.

 -- Philip Proefrock  (dqn@ntsource.com)


  With apologies for this being off-topic, I thought some of the readers of 
the DQ newsletter might be interested to know that I've found a source for 
copies of another old SPI game, Universe, their science-fiction game.
  The copies are in very good condition, shrink-wrapped and with few nicks. 
 As far as I could tell, all have the Universe star map poster included.
  They are for sale at "Flights of Fantasy," a scifi/fantasy/horror book 
store in Santa Monica, CA.  Copies retail for $10.95 apiece (there are four 
left after I bought mine).  The store can be reached at (310)917-9112 
(voice), (310)395-8238 (fax), and via email at hsf@moneric.com.  And, no, I 
don't work for them, I'm just an occasional customer.  :)
 --Anthony Ragan (irishspy@worldnet.att.net)

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The following individuals are interested in finding other DragonQuest 
players or GMs in their area:

Chicago IL     Philip Proefrock      psproefrock@ntsource.com
Denton TX      "Krow"                karstenm@iglobal.net

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