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C O N T E N T S  [v4/n2]


Letters  -- Philip Proefrock
         -- WOTC Merchant Relations
         -- Stephen Martin

 New Spells & Rituals for the College of Naming Magics -- J J Wheeler



More thoughts on WOTC

  Of course, this is all speculation on our part.  We can all hope that 
WOTC will do something positive with regards to DragonQuest, but the truth 
of the matter is that we'll have to wait and see what ultimately happens 
once this deal takes place.  But, from a DragonQuest supporter's 
perspective at this point, I think that the WOTC acquisition of TSR can be 
seen as positive.
  Back when the DragonQuest Newsletter was first starting out (about 4 
years ago), there was some discussion of Wizards of the Coast possibly 
buying DragonQuest from TSR and re-releasing it.  One of the sources knew 
some people in development at WOTC who were supposedly fond of the old SPI 
game.  At the time, it looked like WOTC was looking for an RPG to add to 
their stable.  As things turned out, WOTC instead bought Ars Magica, and 
that was their RPG for a while.
  Nonetheless, there were, at least at one time, some people who were 
interested in DragonQuest at WOTC.  Perhaps there may be some positive 
results that come out of the WOTC acquisition of TSR.  Even if WOTC does 
not re-release DragonQuest, we can hope that WOTC will have a more 
enlightened attitude towards the production of supplements for their 

[In trying to find more information about the proposed acqusition of TSR 
by WOTC and, more importantly, what this may mean for DragonQuest, I 
checked out the WOTC web-site.  I ended up sending mail to an address in 
Merchant Relations.  It was not necessarily the best source to go to, 
but it looked like it might be an address to contact from within their web 
pages to find out who would be involved in making decisions about DQ once 
the WOTC acquisition of TSR goes through.  As you'll see, they aren't 
telling much at all...  -- ED.]

   Subject: Fallout from TSR acquisition 
   Date: Sun, 20 Apr 1997 11:08:48 -0600 
   From: Philip Proefrock 
   Organization: DragonQuest Newsletter 
   To: mr@wizards.com

To Whom It May Concern:

I am interested in finding out about a TSR-owned game which is now out-of-
print, and, more specifically, what may happen to it now that Wizards of 
the Coast is acquiring TSR.

I fully realize that until the deal is completed, no one is going to be 
able to comment about anything, and that there are lots of other questions 
and issues more pressing than this, but I would appreciate it if I could 
get the name of the appropriate contact person who will eventually be able 
to answer our questions.

Thank you for your assistance.

Philip Proefrock

   Subject: Re: Fallout from TSR acquisition 
   Date: Mon, 21 Apr 1997 08:25:04 -0800 
   From: mr@wizards.com (Merchant Relations)
   To: Philip Proefrock 

I'm afraid I can't help you at this time.  We haven't purchased TSR.  If 
we do, I imagine it will take awhile for the various responsibilities to 
fall to different people.  I have no idea who may be the correct person.  
You're more than welcome to try back if and when we do purchase the 

##### #######
Merchant Relations

[I have only briefly examined this site thus far, but it looks poised to 
become a very useful site for all DQ players and GMs.  -- ED.]

To: DQN--

Please list us on your web page and in the DragonQuest Newsletter.


We are gradually expanding the site to include more and more information 
about our campaign and the rules we use.

We're going through an organised stage of our campaign again and are 
currently releasing modified rulebooks on an annual basis.  Hopefully soon 
(within a few months) we should be able to get our rules on line on the 
web page.

You're most welcome to use any of our rules mods or campaign material.  
And look us up if you're ever in Auckland.

With TSR being bought out by the Wizards there is hope that we might be 
able to get the rights to DQ out of them.  Look out for DQ: The 

Stephen Martin.

-- J J Wheeler  (PiperLorne@postoffice.worldnet.att.net)
Hello.  My name is Justin J Wheeler.  I have been playing DragonQuest
for about seven years now, on and off; mostly on for the last two
years.  I game with Tom Robinson, who has had some correspondence
with you during the last few months about his "Capsule" adventure,
{"The Barrow of Calimendil" -- ED.} now published.  I play-tested it with 
Tom, and it is good.  Thank you for publishing it, even though the other 
publication has not yet been compiled.  We appreciated it.

I have attached a file containing some new Rituals and Spells for the 
Namers (this I have done since I play a Namer every other week, and found 
the college somewhat limited by its original writers).  I hope they can 
lend some new light on what the Naming College is really for and about 
(the 'True' Magical College).  The DQ rulebook describes it as the most 
powerful college, but I would wager that it does not play out that way in 
most campaigns.  These spells and rituals should help to direct the 
confused or disillusioned onto the right track.

--Justin J Wheeler

The following spells and rituals were inspired by "A Wizard of EarthSea" 
by Ursula K Le Guin, which was the inspiration for the Naming college in 
the DragonQuest world.

Ritual of Renaming Matter
  Adept can change the shape of any one item (plus 1 item for every 2 
ranks) within range by renaming the matter into its new form.  Once 
renamed, the item will maintain this new shape permanently, unless acted 
upon by a new renaming ritual or another spell (i.e. once successfully 
cast, the ritual cannot be counterspelled).  The size (mass) of the item 
may be changed by 10%/rank.  Additionally, the cast chance is affected as 

     -5% if mass will be changed into a complex item (changing a log into 
a chair, changing metal ore into a sword, etc.)
     -15% if mass will be changed into a mechanical item (changing a metal 
item into a lock, for example)
     -20% if mass will be renamed into a new matter (changing stone into 
water, for example)

The base chance for the ritual is 10%.  Living creatures cannot be 
affected by the ritual (although plants can be affected).  The ritual 
takes 1 hour to perform, or more if the GM adjudicates that it could 
depending on the complexity of the renaming.  The experience multiple for 
this ritual is 400.

Ritual of Renaming Entity
  Adept can change the shape of any entity whose Individual True Name he 
knows.  The entity must be present and be willing to accept his new form.  
Adept can only turn an entity into any creature whose Generic True Name he 
knows at Rank 5 or higher.  The new form must be roughly the same size as 
the Target of the spell, but size can be increased or decreased by 25%/2 
Ranks.  Caster cannot rename Target into a creature with fantastical 
magical powers (such as a Dragon or a Naga) nor can he produce the Undead.  
Entity will assume shape and abilities of his new form, but will retain 
his prior knowledge (though not necessarily his prior abilities - see 
note*).  Entity will remain in his new shape until the caster or another 
Namer who knows the entity's Individual True Name speaks his True Name in 
his presence.  Even then, there is a cumulative chance equal to [5%/day in 
new form] - [Individual True Name Rank x 5] that the Namer cannot return 
the entity to his true form.  At rank 20 with an Individual True Name, a 
Namer can always rename an entity.
  Additionally, once renamed to his original shape, entity requires [#days 
in new form] x 0.5 days of bed rest to recover from the change.  The GM 
may adjudicate that the recovery period would be greater or less depending 
on the amount of change an entity had to endure.
  Furthermore, this ritual can be used to turn entities who have been 
turned into stone back to flesh, if their Individual True Name is known.  
It does not matter how many days the entity has been stone, the Namer 
simply need speak its true name in its presence.  GMs can adjudicate 
whether an entity's life force has left their body when they were turned 
to stone.
  The Base Chance for this ritual is 5%.  The experience multiple is 400.  
This ritual takes 2 hours to perform.

  *Note:  Entity can use all prior abilities (magic, skills, etc.) if his 
new form allows it.  For example:  An Elf turned into an orc would not 
lose his Ranger Rank 5 skill, but if he were turned into a badger, he 
wouldn't be able to execute the skill properly.  Additionally, the elf 
would lose his abilities due to race (although he would gain the abilities 
due him in his new form).  This ritual can be cast over self.  A Namer can 
always rename himself.

Ritual of Names
  By use of this ritual, a Namer can give an entity a new Individual True 
Name.  He must know the true name of the entity, and the entity must be 
present and willing to receive a new name.  If the ritual is succesfull, 
the Individual True Name will be changed forever, and the change will 
become known to powerful Dragons.  However, if the ritual backfires, the 
Entityis name will be erased, and he will walk through life one of the 
inameless onesi , unable to cast spells, hold skills, or use any special 
abilities until they visit the home of the Master Namer on the Isle of 
Dragons.  The Master Namer will then decide their fate.
  This ritual must be perfomed on consecrated ground, and requires 500 GS 
worth of ground diamond which the Namer will use to write the new name 
into the cosmos.  It takes 3 hours to perform, the base chance is equal to 
caster's Magical Aptitude.

*Note - Most Namers do not approve of the casting of this ritual, as it 
disrupts the balance set forth by the Namer who originally named the 
Target.  Therefore, it is likely that this ritual will only be performed 
in secret, by those who are in desperate need of a new name (if some 
powerful enemy has gotten hold of their old one, for example).

Ritual of Hiding Name
  A Namer uses this ritual when he names a sentient who reaches maturity.  
The Individual True Name of this sentient will not become known to 
powerful Dragons, although Dragons will know that the name has been 
blocked from them (probably angering them greatly).  The sentient whois 
name is hidden must agree to the ritual.  From thence forward, any Dragon 
in his vicinity will know that the name is hidden and will act accordingly 
(GM discretion).  
  The ritual requires one drop of Dragon blood from a living dragon, and 
1000 GS worth of black jade dust which the namer will use to write the 
name of the sentient in the stars (thus hiding it from Dragons).
  The ritual has a base chance of 50% - however, it takes 24 hrs.- 
1hr./rank to perform and very powerful Dragons may know that the ritual is 
being performed.  The GM can decide what this would mean to Dragons on his 
world.    The experience multiple for this ritual is 400.

Ritual of Binding Name
  By use of this ritual, the Namer restores an item to wholeness by use of 
its Generic True Name.  Thus, damaged items such as a broken sword or a 
leaky boat could be repaired by use of this ritual.
  Additionally, this ritual can be used to repair damage to creatures once 
the Namer has reached Rank 5 with the Generic True Name of a particular 
creature, although modifiers apply (see below).  Add 20% to the base 
chance if creature is a sentient and the Namer knows the Individual Ture 
Name of the target.  A namer can raise the dead by using this ritual if he 
knows the Individual True Name of the Target at Rank 10 or higher (this 
would take several days, and the adept would permanently lose 1 point of 
Endurance if ritual is successfully cast).
  This ritual can take anywhere from several moments to many hours to 
perform, depending on the amount of damage the item or creature has 
suffered (moments for a dent in a suit of armor, or hours to repair the 
severed limb of a creature, for example).  The base chance for the ritual 
is 15%, although modifiers do apply:

     -10% if adept has never encountered this particular item or entity, 
even if he has encountered Generic Type.
     -10% if adept is attempting to use the ritual to repair damage to a  
creature or sentient.

Ritual of Star Naming
  By use of this ritual, the Namer places one Sentient's Individual True 
Name on a Star.  From then on, when adept wishes to find the Sentient, he 
need only speak the Individual True Name at Midnight and a star will shine 
brightly in the direction of the Sentient, showing the direction the Adept 
would have to travel to find Sentient (although not how far).  
  This ritual requires 1 diamond of not less than 100 GS value, which the 
adept will throw into the sky upon casting the ritual.  The experience 
multiple is 400, the base chance is the MA of the Namer, and the ritual 
takes 2 hours to complete.  

Ritual of Calling Name
By uttering the name of a particular item or object, the caster can summon 
one item or materiality whose Generic True Name he knows to his location.  
The caster can also summon any entity whose Individual True Name he knows 
with a -20% modifier to his cast chance (although this does not mean that 
he has control of the entity he summons).  The ritual takes 3 hours to 
perform.  If successfully cast, the item will be called from its location 
(no limit to range) to his present location.  The experience multiple for 
this Ritual is 400 and the Base Chance is 10%.  

Spell of Inhibiting Magic
Range: 15 feet + 15 additional/Rank
Duration: 5 minutes + 5 additional/Rank
Experience Multiple: 450
Base Chance: 20%
Resist: Can only be actively resisted.
Effects: The Namer can cast this spell only over an entity whos Individual 
True Name he knows.  The spell prevents the target from using any magic 
(except for talent magic) for the duration of the spell.  Magic Items held 
by the target are not affected.  

Spell of Commanding Name
Range: 25 feet + 25 additional/Rank
Duration: 25 seconds + 10 seconds/Pulse
Base Chance: 25%
Resistance: Can not be resisted
Effects: The adept can gain control of any 1 named item or object by 
pronouncing its Generic True Name.  Sentients or animals cannot be 
affected by this spell, although plants can be.  The Namer can command the 
object named to do anything he wishes, including changing shape, flying, 
altering consistency, adjusting temperature, etc.  The uses of the spell 
are limited only by the imagination of the Namer, and the discretion of 
the GM.  Additionally, so long as the Namer maintains concentration, and 
the spell duration has not expired, he can continue commanding the object 
named each & every pulse by expending 1 fatigue each command issued.  
However, by doing this, the Namer does not have to make a separate cast 
check for every command.  Otherwise, the named object will follow the 
first command it receives until the duration expires, when it will return 
to its original form and disposition.  The Generic True Name must be known 
for the spell to be cast.  

-- J J Wheeler  (PiperLorne@postoffice.worldnet.att.net)

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